Thanks for Your Votes

Just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you who voted for my friends in the SuperFan Contest.  Karen and Jan have been gifted a trip for having the most votes, and will be in London to cheer me on!

It will be great to have a few more people there to cheer me on, and your votes made this possible.  YEAH!!!   Thanks….

(Although I’m not sure I want them to be this much of a Super Fan!)

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Thanks (Overdue) to GO Rowing & Paddling Association / Vernon Rowing and Paddling Centre

(Note from Editor of website – Karen:  I am so sorry that this is only being posted now.  I thought it was done, and I just found a note from Joan that she had sent quite a long time ago asking me to make sure this was completed.  My apologies.  It should have been posted right from the beginning.)

I’m not sure how to properly thank GO Rowing & Paddling Association and my home club, Vernon Rowing and Paddling Centre for all the support they have provided for me over the years as I have trained and worked toward the goal of reaching the Paralympics.

They provided unprecedented financial support which allowed me the benefit of having a coach boat at each of my training sessions.   This is unusual and made a huge difference for me in my training.  They also subsidized my season fees.

Their support was not only financial, but they provided me with every possible form of practical support and encouragement.  The Vernon Centre has an exceptional adaptive rowing program and has done so much to promote the sport.  I am honoured to represent them and to be a member of the special program.

If you want more information, or would like to support the work of GO, you can find the information at their website:  For more information on the Vernon Rowing and Paddling Centre, their website is:

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Thanks to Hager Orthotic Services

Thanks to Allan Blyt for constructing my personalized prosthetic chest piece that has kept me rowing without injury and allowed me to train much longer and harder than I could have otherwise.  You’ve made it possible for me to make it to the Paralympics.

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Thanks to Cindy Garvin

There are too many friends and supporters to mention by name, but I do want to say a special thanks to Cindy Garvin – personal trainer extraordinaire.  I couldn’t have made it to this level of fitness without you.  You are simply amazing.

FYI:  She’s not only an amazing athlete and personal trainer.  She makes fantastic jewelry.  Check it out at

Here’s a unique program she offered – but don’t worry – she’ll train able-bodied people too!

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Thanks to Martin George


A HUGE thanks to Martin George – my coach who cheered for me, pushed my limits, and even listened to me cry on occasion.  Look at where we are now.  You are a wonderful coach and friend.

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