The Medal Race

Hi, this is written by Karen – a friend of Joan’s.  I had the honour and thrill of being able to be in London to watch Joan race, and it was an exhilarating experience.  She performed incredibly well and had two personal best times, as well as making it into the Heat A Finals – which was the race for the medals.

Her original goal was to make it to the Heat A Final, and she did – with extraordinary performances.  It’s of course disappointing, she didn’t medal – but she’s sixth in the world which is a feat of enormity and one she can take great pride in.

I’ve attached some photos from the final race.

The warm-up


The Race

The Cool-Down


Portugal Training

My workouts are going good. At least they are getting better each day. I am looking forward to being in England where it is cooler. We leave on Thursday. I am kind of getting excited to see the Village at Dorney and the clothing that is being issued. The rowing site looks overwhelming to me. But is should be very nice to row on.

Photos from Portugal

A few scenes from my days while training in Portugal.

So here is the view from our balcony – which is also the river I train on.

Here’s a new friend – the cat who greets me at the boathouse each day.

Last, the view from the hotel balcony looking away from the river.
(Wheeling up those hills might provide some pretty good upper arm strength training!)

By Joan Reid (Paralympian - London 2012) Posted in Photos