This ad shows why the Paralympics and the Paralympians are worth following!


This Ad Sums it Up for a Lot of Athletes in the Paralympics

Great ad done by the Canadian Paralympic Committee.  Click on it to watch.  Then check out the video underneath as well.

This Advertisement for the Canadian Paralympic Committee was done in one take with NO effects done in post. It’s an amazing ad, and the fact that it’s all done in one take is even more impressive.  To really understand how it was made, take a quick peek behind the scenes.

Live It! Love It! Foundation

This is an amazing organization working to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy adventure and outdoor recreation.  I had a chance to meet Emily, a  teenage girl in Revelstoke who, through the Foundation, has had the opportunity to learn and train in skiing – even qualifying for the BC Winter Games.  It was a real thrill.

This organization is definitely one you should look into –

They ensure that everyone has the chance to follow their passions.  You need to watch this video!  It is insane:

By Joan Reid (Paralympian - London 2012) Posted in Para Sports