1 Day Until London

Just got back from a drive up to the university. Very old! Built in 1290 and is the oldest in Portugal and fourth oldest in Europe. Went for gelato after! Sooooo Good!  Tomorrow I leave for London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Send a Cheer to Joan

Hi – since the “official” announcement for the 2012 Paralympic Rowing team has happened, you can now record a cheer for Joan on the RBC Hometown Champions Facebook page.  It’s easy peasy – you just need to have a webcam.  The link is below, and you can take a quick browse at the steps you’ll go through.

You can be silly or solemn, stay in your sweats or get dressed up, make it loud or whisper softly, just make sure you you upload a cheer for Joan.  (There is a prize for the 1st cheer uploaded … and may be other prizes later so cheer NOW!)

Step 1:  Go to the Facebook page (you do not have to be a facebook member or sign in to facebook to upload a cheer)
Click on the tab Send a Cheer (highlighted below in the yellow box)

Click on Start

Type in Joan’s name in the Find an Athlete box

Fill in your name and address

Confirm you are sending a cheer to Joan

Record your cheer!

If you want – leave a note on the other message page letting Joan know you’ve left a cheer for her as well.


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Thursday, July 12

Interesting day.  Just had to do one morning row, and then get ready for the official announcement of the 2012 Canada Paralympic  Rowing Team.  It was sort of fun, but there was a lot of waiting around.  Still it’s great to have the support of Rowing Canada and the work they do to support and promote us.

Got to relax a bit in the evening which is always a treat!  It’s been great to have this very focused training time, and to spend time with the Legs Trunk & Arms Mixed Coxed Four Team, who will also be competing at the 2012 London Paralympics, but I am looking forward to being at home in BC and rowing on “my lake” again.


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Tuesday, July 10

2 rows today.  The second one was hard – I was really tired.  I think it might be because of the work-out on Sunday which I’m not used to.  I’m tired after the work-outs so always look forward to my naps.  Tomorrow is more training and on Thursday, Rowing Canada will officially be announcing the Canadian Paralympic Rowing Team.  My name should be in the paper or at least in a tweet.

It’s been good to be here with the other team, but I’m looking forward to being back in Enderby and continuing my training there.

I’ll be training in Portugal just before we head to the UK

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