1 More Day – Please Vote

My friends, Karen and Jan have been working like crazy to win the Super Fan contest so they can come cheer me on in London.  I don’t think there is a continent left that they haven’t found a way to get votes from.  They’ve been talking to people, handing out fan cards (for me), even sitting in lobbies to talk to people who come by to ask about my participation in the Paralympics.

I know hundreds of you have already supported them by voting, sharing the link, etc.  We have one more day to make sure they have the most votes.  Voting is open until 9 pm PST on July 2nd.  We should be able to get at least 100 more votes.  I’m asking every one of you to phone,email or visit in person 3 people you know who have Facebook but have not voted yet.  Get them to vote.  Help them if they can’t figure it out.  It will only take them 5 minutes and it will help secure me a cheering section in London.

A reminder on the voting process.  Log onto Facebook and go to the Canadian Paralympics Committee page http://www.facebook.com/CDNParalympics.  Once there, “Like” the page.  Then look underneath and to the right and click on the “Super Fan Contest”.  There is a paragraph about due diligence being done on voting, and at the bottom is a link Canadian Paralympic Super Fan Contest.  It is in white letters and underlined.  Click on it.  Two boxes will pop up.  First click on “Allow the App”, then click on the “Skip” App.  Now you will see the entries.  Chose Canadian Paralympic Super Fan Contest Cheering Canuck and click, scroll up a bit and click on “Like”.  A message will come up saying “You have voted already” which means you’ve been successful and my friends are 1 vote closer to getting to London.

Thanks – you have all been amazing supporters, and I wish you could all come along; but the contest is only for 2 people so I hope you’ll make sure they can.

By Joan Reid (Paralympian - London 2012) Posted in Messages

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